Reading  print this small is  bad  for  your  eyesight.  Focus  on  the  bigger  stuff, like that rant about cocktails

Everything on this website is the creative property of Toby Williams. Obviously.

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Glimpses into other worlds, filled with the sort of things that boring people don't think about. Like creatures made of fog.



Getting on planes and going very far away, with little to no plan on how I'm getting back. Can you lend me £20?



Some lives are filled with danger and fire. Some lives are filled with comfy bean bags and hot chocolate. Every life is worth writing about.


Letters To A Ferret

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a pair of friends in possession of a blog must be in want of something to write about.”



Crafting copy,

creating content,

building books,

writing worlds.

Not always alliteratively.


About Me

Are the rumours true that I'm 90% tea? That's not a secret I'm willing to discuss, but everything else is fair game.